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Fae's Woodlover All-In-One bag

Fae's Woodlover All-In-One bag

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Our enhanced substrate is based on Master's Mix, amended with grain, to allow for injection of spores and liquid culture, directly into the bag. All bags contain an injection port and a 2 micron filter patch, and are processed entirely in our Phoenix lab in a sterile environment with commercial autoclaves.

The bags are fully sterilized to ensure your success in growing mushrooms. We suggest injecting 5-10 ml of liquid culture per bag. Carefully break up and shake the bag after ~50% colonization to distribute the newly grown mycelium throughout the remaining substrate. Can be fruited directly in the bag or in a martha tent, fruiting chamber, monotub, etc. 

Ideal for any wood loving strains like Lion's mane, Turkey Tail, Reishi, Oysters, and many more!

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