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Fae's Ultimate All-In-One Bag with injection port 5lb

Fae's Ultimate All-In-One Bag with injection port 5lb

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Fae's Ultimate All in One Bag

We pack 5lb of our manure loving mushroom substrate mix into extra large grow bags with injection ports so you can go from spores or liquid culture to a full flush of mushrooms. Simply inject your culture with a sterilized needle into the self healing injection port and watch it grow. 

Shake the contents up carefully at 50% colonization, Mushrooms will fruit directly in the bag. The 5 micron filter patch allows for enough air exchange. Bag can also be cut at full colonization and fruited in a tub or Martha tent. 

Our substrate mix is based on a Coir Vermiculate base with multiple amendments your dung loving favorites enjoy so much. 

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